I put together this entire costume for under $25 – the vintage dress and boots were found at thrift stores and the hat, necklace, and suitcase were made and/or decorated by me! Photo by Devon Rowland Photography.

Creating Top-Notch Costume Looks on a Tight Budget

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our twice-monthly email list full of resources, news and whimsy . Thanks for visiting!  As a professional performer I get a lot of questions about the shows, the business, and the lifestyle; but most of all, about what I’m wearing! These questions aren’t just from aspiring performers, but from everyone.… Read more →

Blue Performance Look from Spinnabel Lee

When the Curtain Goes Down – Keeping Showgirl Skin Happy after the Show

  Whether an evening holds a regular performance or a video or photo shoot, I’m often wearing heavy makeup. Sure, I wear makeup most days – the fun stuff like colorful eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, or bright red lips. However, performance time means swapping out sunscreen and concealer for primer, full-coverage base, powder, heavy blush, glitter, thick mascara or fake eyelashes…the… Read more →

While I would love to be responsible for this incredible look, it was in fact created on my face by the wonderful Jordan K. Winn & Co. http://www.jordankwinn.com/

5 Multi-Use Items for Your Costume Makeup Tool Kit

  If you have seen me perform or have stalked my Instagram feed this won’t be a surprise to you – I’m obsessed with makeup! Particularly the crazy, costumey, glittery kind. What can I say? In most facets of my life, I’m not one for subtlety.   During my career as a performer, a huge number of questions I get… Read more →


Spinnabel Lee on The Jellyvision Show

A couple of weeks ago, I was welcomed as a guest on The Jellyvision Podcast Show, an incredible locally-hosted podcast about creative Artepreneurship. I had the opportunity to continue and extend the discussion I’ve been having about so-called “failure” with the hilarious hosts. We also talk about how to be successful in business as an artist. Listen to the podcast… Read more →

Spinnabel Lee Stuck in Hula Hoop

On “Failure”

Where other folks see failure, I see learning. That doesn’t mean so-called “failure” feels great. It feels terrible – and it can often seem like you are surrounded by people who are super successful, while you are stuck being a nobody.   Increasingly I’ve learned that everyone “fails”. There is no magic destination where suddenly, “Hooray!” You are now successful… Read more →


Become more creative and grow your business in 2015 – without spending a dime

It’s the beginning of January – are you getting tired of article after article about making resolutions? I know I am! I figured out that there are two things that annoy me most about these articles – they either state the obvious in an oversimplified way (“Make time for your art!” “Make sure you have a social media presence!”) OR… Read more →

Blogcademy Head Shot

Successful Spin Life – Interview with FIRE Arts Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Mariya of FIRE Arts Magazine. We discussed business for performers, professionalism, entrepreneurship, creativity and more – the whole video interview is over an hour long (I’m a pretty loquacious individual!) and packed with practical information drawn from my personal experiences in business. Read the accompanying article in FIRE Arts Magazine here. While you’re at it,… Read more →

Festivus Tree

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Performers and Artists in Your Life

  Hanukkah starts this week and Christmas is a week and a half away. Oy vey! Last-minute gift shopping is definitely upon us. I’ve included links for easily-available web sources, but shop locally whenever possible (you’ll save on shipping time, too!) All that said, sometimes you wait until the last minute, have no time to physically go to stores, and… Read more →