I put together this entire costume for under $25 – the vintage dress and boots were found at thrift stores and the hat, necklace, and suitcase were made and/or decorated by me! Photo by Devon Rowland Photography.

Creating Top-Notch Costume Looks on a Tight Budget

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our twice-monthly email list full of resources, news and whimsy . Thanks for visiting!  As a professional performer I get a lot of questions about the shows, the business, and the lifestyle; but most of all, about what I’m wearing! These questions aren’t just from aspiring performers, but from everyone.… Read more →

Blue Performance Look from Spinnabel Lee

When the Curtain Goes Down – Keeping Showgirl Skin Happy after the Show

  Whether an evening holds a regular performance or a video or photo shoot, I’m often wearing heavy makeup. Sure, I wear makeup most days – the fun stuff like colorful eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, or bright red lips. However, performance time means swapping out sunscreen and concealer for primer, full-coverage base, powder, heavy blush, glitter, thick mascara or fake eyelashes…the… Read more →

While I would love to be responsible for this incredible look, it was in fact created on my face by the wonderful Jordan K. Winn & Co. http://www.jordankwinn.com/

5 Multi-Use Items for Your Costume Makeup Tool Kit

  If you have seen me perform or have stalked my Instagram feed this won’t be a surprise to you – I’m obsessed with makeup! Particularly the crazy, costumey, glittery kind. What can I say? In most facets of my life, I’m not one for subtlety.   During my career as a performer, a huge number of questions I get… Read more →


Spinnabel Lee on The Jellyvision Show

A couple of weeks ago, I was welcomed as a guest on The Jellyvision Podcast Show, an incredible locally-hosted podcast about creative Artepreneurship. I had the opportunity to continue and extend the discussion I’ve been having about so-called “failure” with the hilarious hosts. We also talk about how to be successful in business as an artist. Listen to the podcast… Read more →

Spinnabel Lee Stuck in Hula Hoop

On “Failure”

Where other folks see failure, I see learning. That doesn’t mean so-called “failure” feels great. It feels terrible – and it can often seem like you are surrounded by people who are super successful, while you are stuck being a nobody.   Increasingly I’ve learned that everyone “fails”. There is no magic destination where suddenly, “Hooray!” You are now successful… Read more →


Paving the Way For Love

  I want to tell a story about love.   The many ways that love sneaks its way into our lives – the ways it sneaks in at times when we are devoted to our art and committed to ourselves and our own self-love.   I’m going to talk about love, and about intuition, and about what some might call… Read more →

Blogcademy Head Shot

Successful Spin Life – Interview with FIRE Arts Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Mariya of FIRE Arts Magazine. We discussed business for performers, professionalism, entrepreneurship, creativity and more – the whole video interview is over an hour long (I’m a pretty loquacious individual!) and packed with practical information drawn from my personal experiences in business. Read the accompanying article in FIRE Arts Magazine here. While you’re at it,… Read more →