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Successful Spin Life – Interview with FIRE Arts Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Mariya of FIRE Arts Magazine. We discussed business for performers, professionalism, entrepreneurship, creativity and more – the whole video interview is over an hour long (I’m a pretty loquacious individual!) and packed with practical information drawn from my personal experiences in business. Read the accompanying article in FIRE Arts Magazine here. While you’re at it,… Read more →

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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I try to make gratitude a life practice, not just today but every day. I keep a gratitude journal (right now I’m using a vintage Nancy Drew journal my brother gave me!), and writing to it even a few times a week makes a big impact on how I feel. Think that sounds like hocus pocus? Countless studies… Read more →


Halloweentown Rock – A Halloween Mixtape

Halloweentown Rock from spinnabellee on 8tracks Radio. We’re in the middle of the final countdown to Halloween. Here’s a straight-up rock-and-roll mix to help you with that last minute costume making. Happy Halloween!   What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Tell me here (bonus points for pictures!). Read more →


Creative Words to Light Your Artistic Fire

  If you’ve been feeling stuck creatively, it can feel like madness to even imagine creating anything new. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite quotes on the subject of creativity – words that have helped me think a little differently and approach my world in a new way.   “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking… Read more →

The Man 2014

20 mantras to help you survive your return to the “default world” (whether you’re returning from vacation, Burning Man, or any other personal utopia)

I recently returned from my third year at Burning Man and, as usual, heard a lot of people referring to the “default world” (that is, the world outside of the temporary city created in the desert).   While I understand the concept associated with this term, it’s always sort of bugged me. As a fiercely independent, rabble-rousing creative type, I’ve… Read more →